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Shutters & Front Door Makeover

June 28, 2015 0 Comments

YAY! This project has been on my list for such a long time.  Unfortunately, since it wasn’t one of the priority items, it’s been pretty far down on our list.

Of course, I choose to bump it up the list and make it a priority during a record breaking heat wave! haha  Who needs hot yoga?  Not me… just give me a paint brush and send me out into the hot and humid Carolina summer! 😉

Here is how the color shows: Morning, Noon, and Night.
Anyway, it was way easier than I initially thought it would be.  Once I got over the sweating, the painting process was actually quite simple.  Our shutters and front door were in pretty good condition.  No paint was peeling and the old paint was worn pretty thin.  No sanding was needed, just a good rub down with a damp cloth to get of any dirt, pollen, or dust.

Overall, it took me about 2 hours in total to paint everything, including touch ups.

We chose Naval Blue (6244) by Sherwin Williams.  I was looking for a dark blue and was inspired by some other Pinterest front door makeovers.  What I really love the most about this color is the vibrancy of the blue during the brighter parts of the day.  It has this lovely ocean-like quality.  I remember back in my Crayola days, there was this blue “cerulean” crayon that looks like it would be really dark, but was surprisingly a bright saturated blue.  This SW Naval Blue is a bit like that.  It’s not as surprisingly blue, which is a good thing, but it has such nice undertones that get picked up in the sunshine.

It came out very clean and classic looking, and I love how the exterior gloss really shows off the grain in the shutters and door.  It makes them a lot more interesting than the faded, worn, matte green that was on there before.

One special touch was a “hello” decal I ordered for the front door.  I LOVE how it turned out!

We are one step closer to a charming home with character! 🙂


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