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10 Things to Bring Glamping!

July 8, 2015 0 Comments

We have some summer trips coming up soon and although I am not a fan of roughing it, I think I could manage to “glamp” it.  Glamping = glamorous camping. 😉



THINGS TO BRING GLAMPING! by whisperingwhims featuring outdoor lanterns

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I did my fair share of camping as a kid, but now I like my amenities.  One of the most important things to me is having a cabin style tent, where the walls are not sloped.  Good ventilation is also key, as it helps keep condensation in the tent to a minimum.

Of course, no glamping experience would be complete without an air-mattress, sheets and blankets, decor, and a rug for the tent.  IKEA has some really great items that would be perfect for a great glamping experience.  I love the solar light string, which would be a lovely way to light up your camp area.

I will be picking up some of these items and preparing some other ideas for our planned glamping experience.   I’ll be sure to post some pictures on how it turns out! 🙂

10 Things to Bring Glamping:

  1. Tent – You need a place to sleep, hangout, and stay out of the elements if some bad weather crops up.  My advice is to get a cabin style tent instead of a dome, this will ensure you have some headroom and can standup straight in most places.  Ideally, you want enough room to not feel claustrophobic and be able to move your table and chairs inside if need be…I really like this 8 person cabin style tent by Coleman.  It even has a 2’x2′ closet!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!
  2. Table and Chairs – Get something that will fold up and be easy to transport, like the IKEA set pictured above. 
  3. Lantern – Bring some citronella candles and a couple cute lanterns.  Better yet, make them a center piece for your table.  Hello, outdoor-chic romanic date!
  4. Air Mattress – This one is a glamping obvious.  I’m not sure I would be willing to go even camping without some sort of cushion/mat to sleep on.  Why not go all the way and get a raised bed height air mattress.  We have the Intex Raised Downy Airbed, Queen.
  5. Lovely Sheet Set – You need something to cover up your air mattress… might as well make it something cheerful and pretty.  I really like the pin-stripe IKEA sheets in yellow.  Bonus, if your sheets match your tent!
  6. Fabric Garland – To give your humble abode a festive feel, add some fabric banners.  They are small, light, and easy to pack and hangup.  Again, make them cheerfully bright.  
  7. Rug – For this item, be reasonable.  Bring something made for outdoor use and that if fairly thin and easy to pack.  A rug will come in handy for giving your glamping space a cozy feel.  When you step out of bed your feet will be happy  to touch a rug instead of the gritty tent floor. 
  8. Solar String Lights – This is truly my most favorite glamping find!  No need to plug in, just setup your solar receiver and at night your solar string will supply a nice ambiance. 
  9. Alarm Clock – Sometimes when you are packing up to get away, you don’t want to know what time it is, and definitely not set an alarm… but this little clock is a nice one to have.  Find a multipurpose alarm clock.  The one pictured above is battery powered and has a thermometer, date/day, and timer function.
  10. Fan – This item is saving the best for last.  It is less frivolous than some of the above items, but definitely necessary if you’ll be camping in the summer.  A nice breeze is a must at night.  Have a fan, or a few fans, running in your tent to help the air circulate and keep things from getting stuffy.  There are a few fans out there that would be perfect for camping and a couple I’ve seen that are made for tents.  I like this 10″ Battery Operated one. 

If you have any other good glamping suggestions, please add them in the comments!  I’d love some more tips and tricks. 🙂


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