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Haint Blue

July 2, 2015 0 Comments

If you live in the South, you’re probably already familiar with this timeless porch ceiling tradition.

If you are FROM the South, you might even know the reason behind the tradition.

If you are like me, you simply think the beautiful haint blues are a lovely addition to a porch no matter where you live.  I love when something feels personalized and has character.  

Here was some of my inspiration from a recent trip to Charleston, SC:





















Living in a new build home feels stale sometimes. Since moving in, I have been on an endless quest to personalize, build character, and give life to this “standard” house of ours. 

While looking for the perfect blue color to paint our porch ceiling, I learned that these blue shades are referred to as “Haint” blue.  Apparently, the reason behind the blue porch ceilings is not just because it is pretty.  The belief that haints, or spirits, couldn’t cross water led people to paint their porch ceilings blue, as a precaution from spirits entering your home.  

I also read something about it warding off mosquitos, which I can tell you is absolutely false. I came away from painting our ceiling with quite a few bites!  So that myth is busted. 

Every time we go to a home improvement store, I grab a handful of paint chips that I like, which means I have built up my own collection of assorted colors to draw inspiration from.  It just so happened that I had a chip in my collection that was a perfect haint blue.  

Blue Persuasion A56-2, by Olympic

It’s a nice pastel and a little on the warm side of blue, which I like. I had enough left over that I decided to give our back door a makeover too! 🙂  



























We also changed out the old light fixtures.  They were so gross and ugly.  The silly part though is that I spent all evening/night painting the ceiling, that by the time the lights were ready to be installed, it was dark out!  We looked like a couple of geniuses out there with a flash light trying to put them up. Moths kept hitting Paul in the face… haha.  Oh the smart things we do! 

I think the ceiling goes nicely with the new shutter color. 🙂


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