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July 29, 2015 0 Comments

(Top Left) We had this 3 drawer storage bin that we brought to keep batteries, plates, non-perishable foods. (Top Right) We picked up these cute bird throw pillows that matched our decor. They were made in the USA and had a Newport label, I obviously had to get them! 😉 From Home Goods. (Bottom Right) Flowers from Home Goods, Citronella Candles from Home Goods, and Stemless Glasses from Target. (Bottom Left) Our tent had a closet, which I certainly utilized.

Back in my Mindful Monday post and last weeks Wander Wednesday, I wrote about our recent trip to Rhode Island for my annual family reunion and how me and my closest 40 family (+/-) members cramp into a few cottages surrounding my Great Uncle’s cottage on Aquidneck Island.

It’s out family tradition. 🙂

There are plenty of showers available, but bed space can be limited, so sometimes it is easier to just bring a tent and air mattress.  This was the first year I have ever “camped”.  I figured if we were going to try it out, we might as well go all the way and make sure we were comfortable!

In 10 Things to Bring Glamping, I outlined the main items we needed.  We actually bought many of the things on the list plus a few others we thought of while packing.  Great extras:  The throw rugs for for the entrance to the door, and our eye masks & ear plugs.

(Sometimes you just aren’t ready to get up with the birds!)

It rained once while we were there.  Everything stayed dry and it was a very comfortable space.  We LOVE this tent. The door had a set of poles to install that allowed it to swing open and just velcro shut for quick entrance/exit, but there is a full zipper to make sure it is bug proof.


We bought our duvet set, solar lantern, and solar string lights from IKEA.


The lights worked great!  I wasn’t able to get a photo of that did them justice.  They lit up the whole tent and made it easy to get ready for bed at night.  One great thing about them is they had an on/off button, so we didn’t need to sleep with them on.

Overall, our Glamping experience was great!  I think we will even try it out again sometime soon.


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