{Ireland Day 3} Cobh, Blarney, Charles Fort, and the Rock of Cashel

· Thank goodness for summer and 18 hours of sunlight! ·

July 2, 2016 2 Comments

Upon leaving our apartment, we made instant friends this morning with a local curly haired golden sweetheart!  She had tags on and though we never did find out her name, she looked like she was in the middle of her Monday morning routine when we bumped into her.  She took us on her morning walk about and then left us to go explore the church in Cobh by ourselves.

St. Colman Church in Cobh (pronounced Cove) was incredibly peaceful and beautiful.  The stain glass in the photograph is called the Rose Window, and it is best seen from the alter inside.  It is a very pretty view.

From Cobh we went to Blarney Castle.  Neither of us kissed the stone, which I know is supposed to make us more charming or something, but honestly, it just wasn’t worth waiting in line for.  Maybe when we come back another time, but we were more interested in the gardens and other sites around the grounds.  It was such a beautiful day that we just didn’t want to stand around inside.

Next stop on today’s tour was Charles Fort in Kinsale. It was an absolutely wonderful day to visit.  We were blessed with clear blue skies, which allowed us some incredible visibility.  We were able to take some nice photos of not just the grounds of the old fort, but also of the Kinsale harbor.  If we had known how lovely Kinsale was going to be, we would have stayed and walked around the town a bit, but we were eager to get up to the Rock of Cashel while the weather was still favorable.

Our luck held, and by the time we made it up to Cashel, the skies were moody and great for photos.  I think this was one of our favorite things we’ve done so far.  Seeing the bones of this cathedral and imagining how it looked when it was in all it’s glory is very impressive.  If you ever visit, make sure to jump into one of the tours they give.  Hearing the history will give you such a better appreciation for the place.  It’s a beautiful site in Ireland to see, and learning about the massacre gives you a deeper respect for the place.

Tonight we end our tour in Dublin.  We’ll be staying here for 2 days and are excited to get out and walk around, visit some pubs, and hopefully catch up on sleep finally! 🙂


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    Amy Hartman

    July 4, 2016

    Great pictures have a great time

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      July 4, 2016

      Thank you, Amy!