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{DIY} Indoor Moss Garden

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October 18, 2016 0 Comments

If you really know me, then you know that the very little things in life are the very biggest things to me.  Moss is one of those little things that makes me the inner child within me sing with happiness.  It’s so simple and almost laughable how happy it makes me.  I honestly don’t even know how to describe it.  It’s just moss, right?!

But, to me, it’s this soft, plush, delicate little magical carpet that in the right places blankets the forrest or gives the grass of the higher latitudes that spongey quality that makes it seem so much more alive and cozy.

Whispering Whims | DIY Moss Garden

Maybe it’s the fact that in the piedmont area of NC, the brutal heat of Summer makes it impossible for shadeless yards to grow grass, let alone moss.  Or maybe it’s that I’m craving the squishy, gentle, softness, of Sweden, Ireland, or Scotland…

Whatever it is, this weekend I just had the urge to bring a bit of it inside to admire and smile about. Thus began one of the simplest, quickest, and most satisfying of projects… and indoor moss garden.

I had everything on hand aside from the moss.  This project was perfect for one of the low glass vases I had left over from an old piece of wedding decor I’d been holding onto.  I used some left over pebbles I’d picked up from Michael’s a long time ago as a base layer in the vase.

Whispering Whims | DIY Moss Garden

A couple scoops of potting soil and a mist of water to dampen the soil.

Whispering Whims | DIY Moss Garden

Next, I put in the two baggies of gathered moss.

Whispering Whims | DIY Moss Garden

For some extra interest, I added some pretty quartz stones.  We had found these pretty white rocks throughout our backyard a few years ago when we tilled the whole thing in an effort to grow some grass.  They were the perfect addition.

Whispering Whims | DIY Moss Garden

All the moss was collected from some woods beside our community.  After the recent rain, I found at least 4 different kinds of moss. I am so pleased with the variety and love the outcome. My own personal forest floor.  My own patch of fairy magic. ♥

Tip: Make sure to keep your moss garden moist.  Give it a nice mist once or twice a week and a couple hours of indirect sunlight.

Whispering Whims | DIY Moss Garden



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