{Sweden} A Short Weekend Tour: Day 1

· Black Slugs & a Concert in a Barn ·

October 12, 2016 0 Comments

Back in July, we took a short weekend trip to Sweden.  Our experience of Sweden in the summer was very green and very wet! We loved it.


We sampled all that we could in such a short stay, but managed to visit with a classmate of Paul’s, take a small country hike, go to a concert in a big red barn, risk our lives climbing the bell tower of a church, and spend one {very full} day in Gothenburg.


We left feeling exhausted, and also feeling that we need to plan another trip soon.

Our first step of the tour was taking the train from Copenhagen, Denmark to Nässjö, Sweden.  {On a side note, we loved being able to travel by train.  It’s such an easy and stress free way to travel.}  The trip was a breeze, with pretty lush scenery, comfortable seats, and wifi… what more can you ask for?

Paul’s friend, Constantine, was gracious enough to pick us up from the station and show us around the country outside of Nässjö.  We lucked out, because the rain held out for a few hours, and we were able to get in a little hike through the forest.


In some ways, I was reminded of upstate Adirondack region of New York.  In other ways, I was reminded of the moss coated North West Pacific region of the US.  Either way, we felt perfectly at home.  I can only imagine how beautiful it must be in the winter covered in snow.






As always, Paul and I are instantly excited the moment we see thick moss and dense woods.  Not sure what it is, but we turn into little kids that are in awe of the small wonders of the world. Case in point, the newly discovered {to us} black slug! hahaha


We drove Constantine crazy stopping to take photos and enthusiastically point out each time we spotted these little guys.  Maybe we have a version of black slugs in the US, but we’ve never seen them, and the inner children in us was delighted.  {Apparently, they are quite the pest.  To us, they were like something from a Harry Potter book! 🙂 }



Entertainment for the evening was found in an unlikely place, the Ribbingsnäs Barn.  Out seemingly in the middle of nowhere, there is a very unique, cozy, and fun venue to be found.  Complete with an art gallery downstairs and a rustic bar serving drinks, homemade cakes, and other things to nibble.  Upstairs is where the music is enjoyed.  It’s such a great idea for a venue.  I could see something like this really being popular in the Asheville area of NC.


We met the man behind the idea, Philip Wareborn.  Apparently, he and his wife are from Sweden, living in Los Angeles most of the year, and come home for the summers.  His wife, Hanna Helgegren, was one of the very talented women in the strings section playing violin.



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