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September 11, 2017 0 Comments

September always feels like a new start.  It must be a reminiscent emotion from September being the start of a new school year.  Or maybe, it’s just a coincidence that this year September coincides with us being in a new home.  Either way, this week I’ve felt a breeze of change, and it’s been refreshing.

The temperatures have been milder, we are finally settling in to our new home, and we are getting so excited for our trip to Banff to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. {oh how time flies}

Since it has been months since I last wrote, here is a briefish recap of 2017 to this date:

In January, I started a new job. It has been an indescribably amazing change for me.  I feel so blessed that this change came at the time it did, because I think it has been such an important part of making this year a less stressful and happier one.  I’ve met so many interesting, smart, and fun new people.  I’ve been learning so much and being given more responsibilities and challenges daily.  It’s been so good!

Obviously, there was the low of the year, with the death of my Mom in January… It’s been a lot to process and maybe it gets easier each day, but I think more than anything I am just getting more used to the idea that she is really gone.  I’m not sure that anything is easier, but more that it is just becoming more normal.  I do my best to remember all the good, all her expressions, shared smiles, heart to hearts, lessons, and keep those happy memories in my heart for buoyancy.  All I can do to keep honoring her memory is to live my life with joy and adventure, the way she would have wanted, and in the way that would make her proud.

In February, we started building our new home, and in May we sold our first home, then moved into a rental for the summer.  It felt like a fairly long process, since I must admit that my patience is not the best, but our new home was finally finished in August, and we closed almost a month ago… then of course moved in immediately!  I think we closed at 3pm and had the truck loaded and back to the house by 8pm.  We couldn’t contain ourselves, and we couldn’t waste any time!  It felt like our lives were on hold all throughout the summer, just waiting to unpack and be settled again.  The feeling of spending our first night in our new home was equal parts relief and absolute excitement.

Paul started a new job in April, just down the street from me, which means we are able to commute together and do lunch together or meet up for coffee.  It has been not only convenient, but so much fun to be able to spend our commute together.  I get an extra hour with him that we never had before. As for his job, he LOVES it!  It has been everything he was looking for and more!  He worked so hard over the last couple years getting his Masters degree, finishing his thesis, and then job hunting… and I am happy to report that all his hard work paid off! I’m so proud of him!

My first Mother’s Day without my Mom was spent at the beach with my cousin and her family.  It was an extended weekend of beautiful beach views and new cherished memories.

This year I celebrated my milestone birthday in Magic Kingdom and Harry Potter World.  It was one of the best weekends of my life – primarily the Harry Potter part… I mean, I now own a wand. {enough said}

July brought me to my annual family reunion in Rhode Island. I think it might have been one of my favorite years so far.  There is nothing like being surrounded by the love of a big family.  I am so glad to have been able to make it this year and my heart was filled by each moment with all the special people I grew up with and was raised by.


…2017 is not yet over, and there is still a good amount of adventure and fun to be had!  Looking forward to writing my own ending to 2017!


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